We use Dance Studio Pro for our studio.  You will be able to see your twirler’s accounts, pay online if desired, order supplies, download music and see your twirler’s costume information once those decisions have been made.  The username is your email you supplied us.  You will receive the initial password in an email, but you can also request a password reset on the site.  Note that you can adjust your account settings once you are in the portal to define your own password.
Parent Portal


We have a series of 5 sessions throughout the academic year in order to make it easier for bookkeeping rather than monthly.  The cost is $85 per session with most sessions being 6-7 weeks.  There is no registration fee nor will there be a recital fee/parade fee.

Other cost to start twirling

  • Baton if you do not have one ($25)
  • ATA T-Shirt ($15).
  • Twirling Shoes ($40)
  • Pair of black shorts (you must buy your own)
  • Competition Fee per routine ($10)

At the start of Session 2, we will ask all twirlers and their parents to sign a competition agreement and give a costume deposit.  As each group has different costumes and could be competing in different events, this cost is impossible to announce at this time but we try to keep each group costume total cost to $80 per twirler or less.



ATA’s standard baton is the American Baton Company’s “ABC Major”.  You can either order batons through us (at a discount) or get them directly from the company at

To measure a baton, place one end of the baton  in the pit of your arm.  With your arm outstretched, the baton should extend about 1” past your middle finger.  Properly sized batons are important as a baton too short is more difficult to handle while one too long makes some skills impossible to do.

If you are a twirler age 7 or younger, we will be twirling with an American Baton Company baton called “American Beauty Classic 7/16” Shaft”  This is a heavier baton designed to help build arm strength as well as being easy for basic rolls.


We will be selling the official ATA T-Shirt starting in Sept.  This is the same shirt as previous years so if you have one you do not need to buy another.  Our parade outfit is this ATA T-Shirt along with black gym shorts and tennis shoes, preferably matching or mostly white and white socks or twirling shoes.  Some color on shoes is ok as long as they are not black.


For twirling competitions and the recital, we will be wearing twirling shoes.  Twirling shoes are either Jazz Shoes or “cougars” “insteps”….please check with the location to find out which shoes you need.  These shoes are available through us or through site.  For beginner twirlers, tennis shoes are fine for practice and we recommend waiting until Spring to buy the shoes.  For higher level twirlers, please wear cougars to practice as well.


For parades we wear our hair up in a neat high ponytail.  For competition we wear our hair mostly in a neat bun.  Please check with your class instructor for further details for your group.


We ask that the kids come prepared for both their safety as well as for the ability to fully learn and participate.  As such,

  1. Hair out of their face (long hair in ponytail or in a bun)
  2. Proper shoes—No open-toe shoes (Twirlers without proper shoes will not be able to participate in practice for their own safety). Cougar/jazz shoes for the more advanced twirlers.
  3. Appropriate clothes—t-shirt and short as we will be doing a lot of bodywork that requires stretching.
  4. Baton(s) – Yes, you will need them….


Attendance is very important as every routine  is based on team work.  If you are unable to attend a practice, please communicate this to the teacher as soon as possible—either by email or cell phone.  You can also use the parent portal to leave a message prior to practice.  Due to every class proceeding at their own pace and working on their own routine, it is not possible to attend other locations to make up the missing rehearsal.