We are so excited about baton twirling and we are thrilled you are going to be part of it.  
For those of you new to the Allstars Twirling Academy – WELCOME TO THE EXCITING WORLD OF BATON TWIRLING!   
For those of you who are returning – Thank you for returning to continue this adventure in baton twirling.  

The purpose of this ATA website is to try to answer your questions before the year starts so there are no surprises and lots of fun and opportunity.  

If you take nothing else from this website, we want you to know that you can contact us at any time with questions, and comments.   


We are a competitive baton twirling team within the National Baton Twirling Association (NBTA)’s system.   
We have been very successful in building good teams.  
Our teams often win State, Regional and National titles.
We are fortunate to have had several National titles including….

2011 National Senior Show Corps with props
2013 National Senior Show Corps with props
2019 National Kinder Halftime Champions

We believe that it is this teamwork from team competitions that helps the newer children truly enjoy twirling and allows them to grow in ways both with and without a baton.


We also provide lots of solo opportunities for our students.
Our main goal is to make sure our students are prepared for college twirling if they desire to do so.
We have had students twirl at the following Universities…..

University of Florida
University of South Florida
Florida State University
Tuskeegee University

We have also produced many state, regional and national solo champions in all levels (Novice, Beginner, Intermediate and Advance) and age divisions. See batontwirling.com for NBTA solo rules and age divisions

Super X-strut
Duet and Trios
Show Twirl

We have also had several NBTA Beginner Pageant, Intermediate Pageant and Miss Majorette winners in the State and Southeast Region.

In 2021, ATA twirlers won the Florida Senior Intermediate Pageant title, the Florida Juvenile Intermediate Pageant title and the Florida Juvenile Beginner Pageant title, continuing our tradition of success.